Nuclear-101 training portion of Training Sessions update:

OCNI developed and provided 4 Nuclear-101 training courses (August 29/30, 2018, October 25/26, 2018, January 21 and February 20/21, 2019).

Nuclear Science and Technology are complex areas that are often misunderstood, much like electricity was in the early 20th Century. The course continued to provide information to help young adults:

  • Get a picture of what it is like to work in a nuclear facility, and where you could fit in that picture.
  • Feel comfortable with concepts such as energy and radiation and nuclear wastes.
  • Understand the precautions that are taken to protect the employees and the public.
  • Understand the role that nuclear energy can play in curtailing climate change.
  • Understand that there is more to nuclear than just the generation of electricity.
  • Finally, bust myths about nuclear.
  • All in all, be better prepared for a career in nuclear.

Presenters in the January and February cohorts included Peter Ozemoyah, PhD Chemical Engineering, University professor (Africa and North America), and VP Tyne Engineering; Stephen Yu (Thermal-hydraulics and Heat transfer (UManchester), CANDU Product Engineer Emertus at SNC-Lavalin Nuclear; and Jacques Plourde (Electrical Engineering (UNB), Lead Engineering Consultant at Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada, 40+ years in the nuclear industry, primarily at OPG (training, commissioning, project management, operations & maintenance, work management, performance improvement).

SUMMARY STATISTICS (Four Training Program Intakes):

41 Apprentices completed training program

Job Matching and Apprenticeship Placement with Employers:

As of March 15, 2019, a total of 28 STEP candidates have been matched with jobs and placements that offer them trades related experience or work experience that will create a path into a trade. Twenty-four of those placements have included a subsidy match.

Promotional Outreach/Engagement Activities:

  • November 5, 2018 Durham District School Board (DDSB) Advisory event where the STEP program was presented to parents and co-op teachers of 20 Secondary Schools in Durham Region and outreach via media to 111 Elementary Schools. (20 Secondary. 111 Elementary Schools reached)
  • November 5, 2018 DDSB Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Advisory Board meeting where the STEP program was shared with OYAP coordinators and staff across the region. (25 teachers).  
  • November 15, 2018 Parents night presentation (youth and parents), STEP program presentation to parents and youth for outreach and recruitment. Applications provided, Q&A. (110 parents/youth)
  • November 29, Darlington Refurbishment External Communications Committee meeting and open discussion regarding trade shortage trends, information sharing/planning
  • November/December – Various one on one and phone presentations given to potential applicants and their parents throughout the intake process: Applicants: 39, Parents: 6, Employment/Govt Service groups: 6, Out of region school: 1 Total presentations: 54
  • December 12,2019 – Accidental Apprentice podcast with Nicole Andrews and Molly Coughlin for STEP on an alternative platform regarding Skilled trades. Numbers reached and outreach to (600+ followers from educators to industry professionals).
  • December 10, STEP Continuing Education presentation/outreach and application circulation to youth and teachers. (15 youth, 3 teachers)
  • January 4, 2019, First Halton District School Board (HDSB) Robotics Kick-Off, Darryl Spector, Present of Promation Nuclear Industry presentation provide the ‘keynote’ to an audience of mostly high school students, as well as some parents, teachers, and Ministry of Education and Halton Region Education representatives about the profound importance to take skilled trades education now in high school while they can. Outreach engaged was for predominantly students (475 participants)
  • Feb 2, 2019 – Durham College Job Fair # of total visitors: 1200 (Current Students and Alumni), # Employers/Unions reached: 78
  • February 5, John Howard Society invited STEP to present and Skilled Trade Event presentation (outreach and intake for February training session. (20 youth, 2 parents)
  • February 6, 2019 Bruce Power’s in Indigenous Relations Supplier Network meeting to present on the STEP program and re-engage with the suppliers that support increased indigenous content their programs
  • March 5, 2019 Vocation Pathways/STEP Skilled Trade Event (outreach). (40 youth) 

Additional STEP Activities of Note:

  • The Nuclear Job Bank portal in partnership with The Champeon Corporation continues to operate beyond the life of the project. Career hopefuls will be able to upload applications and access partnership employment opportunities. 
  • Accidental Apprentice podcast with Darryl Spector, podcast is packed with content around career exploration, the looming demands in the skilled trades industries. Visit 

Outreach by the Numbers:

Number of school presentations 13
Students reached 3541
Number of Elementary Schools reached 111
Number of Secondary Schools reached 20
Number of Alternative Schools reached 1
Number of Youth Development offices reached 6
Number of Teachers reached 600
Number of Guidance Councillors reached 54
Number of Co-op Teachers reached 62
Number of Youth out of school reached 75

STEP Applications by the Numbers:

Number of Assessments/applications completed 133
Number of Assessments referred to STEP training 47
Number of those assisted into Career Pathway 29
Number of applications fast tracked to employment 14







"The participants we hired have worked out better than expected. Very happy with their work ethic and they seem to be learning the trade quickly. Very impressed with their commitment to arrive on time, especially knowing that they are commuting a long distance to work."

"Job readiness is evident. The candidate is always presentable, listens well, shows great initiative, works on his own, has been an overall asset to the team. We would definitely consider someone else with a similar work ethic and willingness to learn."




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