Skilled Trades Employment Pathway (S.T.E.P.) to the Clean Energy Sector

Project Skilled Trades Employment Pathway to the Clean Energy Sector is an outreach, talent acquisition, and industry educational training program who’s target audience is underemployed groups within the ages of 15-30 in the Durham Region. Our project creates awareness of technical jobs in Ontario's nuclear industry, provides pre-employment soft-skill training, and secures employment into long term employment and further training opportunities within industrial trade apprenticeships.




  • Minimize the labour/market shortage of skilled workers in the nuclear industry which is based in Ontario (OPG Darlington and Bruce Power, Bruce County) over the next 15 – 20 years as the current workforce has an aging population of about 45%.
  • Refurbishment requirements over the next few years are over 4,000 – 8,000 workers in skilled trades within the utilities and OCNI member companies.
  • Increased knowledge and awareness of employment opportunities in the growing energy industry;
  • Lower unemployment rates in the indigenous, women and youth sectors;
  • Increased general essential employability skills



Phase 1 Building a strong steering committee with stakeholders, partners, educators, employers, and Intermediaries. The steering committee’s mandate will be focused on partnerships that will give under- represented youth, women, and indigenous groups access to the nuclear industry’s skilled trade workforce. Our elimination of individual silos will allow us to create relevant skilled trade development programs, provide various platforms to reach target groups proactively, and most importantly have the support of employers that are committed to investing in training these under-represented groups. OCNI will focus on eliminating barriers that prevent Youth, Women, and Indigenous people from applying for skilled trades positions within the Nuclear industry. (please see attached FTE Demand profile). – Timeframe dedicated to this phase: 30 days (started Jan 16, 2018)


Phase 2 - Develop Program methodology and narrow our target performance platforms that will be used to engage, educate and attract our target groups, with a dedicated section focusing on engagement factors attracting females and indigenous participants within the ages of 15-30. Our employer partners and stakeholders will have direct access to these programs and their entry level needs will be met by our programs. Our educators and consultants will provide direct input on the design of the programs and marketing tools to ensure we meet the competency needs of the employers and properly educate our target audience through engaging programs. Our intermediaries will be the delivery leaders of the nuclear industry opportunities and career map guidance counsellors throughout the streamlined pathway project – Timeframe dedicated to this phase: 60 days


Phase 3 - Execution of workshop and information sessions. Out of the 131 middle/high schools in Durham, we will execute promotional outreach programs in High Schools that support trades with their Skilled Trade majors and the surrounding Elementary schools that feed students into these High Schools. Our program will also include the engagement and promotional outreach to First Nations Youth through relevant High School and Aboriginal Polytechnic Institutes. – OCNI will develop a promotional video on Skilled Trades workforce in the nuclear industry capturing the various job opportunities in Ontario’s NPP Refurbishment programs at OPG and Bruce Power over the next 15 years as well as enhance the current website to add a “Job Bank” to hold resumes / employer postings. As well, OCNI will secure promotional items as giveaways to students, design and print promotional materials, presentations for career days in schools, etc - Timeframe dedicated to this phase: 180 days


Phase 4 - Intake of interested candidates. For those interested in moving forward, there will be an interview and assessment of skills to determine whether the participant is job ready. Candidates that are not job ready, will be guided to resources offered within the region such as free grade 10 math upgrade at Durham College. Once that pre-requisite has been completed, they will be asked to return to continue their pathway to a career in the Nuclear industry. Candidates that are job ready or almost job ready but require soft skill group-based training will be entered into our 3-week training program – Timeframe dedicated to this phase: 3 weeks

Application for Youth (15-30 years)

Student Presentation


Phase 5 Delivery of Nuclear for Everyone and Nuclear 101 workshops - (Candidates that complete our job readiness competency build training program and prior to being matched to an employer, they will receive training by the Canadian Nuclear Society on the basic nuclear essentials. – Timeframe dedicated to this phase: up to 21 days


Phase 6 – (final Phase): - Job Matching Program with Employers based on the candidates’ career interest and employer openings and potentially flowing into an apprenticeship upon completion of experiential hands on training provided by the committed employer – end of project Project committee will meet to reflect and evaluate the Pilot project and make necessary adjustments prior to rolling out phase 1 year 2.


Employer Information


Employer Application


Applicant Application


Application Formation Flyer 

Latest News

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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Friday, October 26, 2018
October 26, 2018, Oakville, Ontario – The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is proud to recognize Terrestrial Energy as an innovation leader in the nuclear industry. 


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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