SMR Supply Chain Issues
Canadian Nuclear Suppliers in the Global Context
Ontario's Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) making wise choices
Ontario's Nuclear Future
Ontario's Nuclear Industry - The way forward
Expanding Existing Cooperation between Argentinean and Canadian Nuclear Industries through Localization
Darlington Nuclear Generating Station - vital part of Ontario’s energy supply mix
Engaging Service Providers in Improving Industry Performance
Nuclear Cluster Strategy Carolinas - Ontario - Saskatchewan
Importance of Science and Technology Investment to the Nuclear Industry
Ontario's Nuclear Future - Capitalizing on Opportunities
Challenges in Refurbishing CANDU Nuclear Plants
International Opportunities for Ontario’s Nuclear Supply Chain
Presentation on International Nuclear Collaboration at PBNC 2016
Canadian Supply Chain Localization Experience / Collaboration with Turkish Suppliers
Meeting the AR/SMR Challenge Canadian Nuclear Supply Chain
Nuclear Innovation – Investing in a Clean and Prosperous Ontario
Role of Nuclear in Canada's Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
OCNI Presentation to Canadian Nuclear Industry Leaders
Ontario's Nuclear Industry, Presentation to the Ontario PC Caucus
Local Supplier Engagement Program