Talking Stable Salt Reactors and the Future of Nuclear With Moltex

Image Credits: Moltex

Proponents of molten salt reactors say they are safer and cheaper than anything in use today, but despite the promise, the technology has yet to achieve commercialisation. Could reactors being developed by British-Canadian company Moltex Energy be the first? Heidi Vella spoke to the company’s Canadian CEO, Rory O’Sullivan to find out more.

The soaring cost of nuclear power generation, in part due to increased safety regulations, has seen the sector struggle to compete against increasingly cheap renewable energy sources and gas-fired power generation.

A potential saviour, however, could come in the form of molten salt reactors, a class of nuclear fission. The technology is considered much safer than traditional nuclear, and as a result, considerably cheaper and more cost-competitive. However, despite the concept for the technology being established in the 1950s, a commercial model has yet to be realised.  

Leading developer, Moltex Energy, recently received $2.5m in funding from the US Department of Energy and is gearing up to build its first Moltex Energy Stable Salt Reactor in Canada, with the support of New Brunswick Energy Solutions Corporation and New Brunswick Power.  The company says the reactor, once finished around 2030, will prove the commercial viability of its patented technology and help facilitate a clean energy future.

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