President & CEO, Norman JD Sawyer, Discusses ARC Canada’s Vision For New Brunswick With the University Of Moncton

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Saint John, NB – In an effort to advance the ARC Nuclear Canada, Inc.’s (ARC Canada) Research & Development initiatives, ARC Canada is pleased to announce that President & CEO, Norman JD Sawyer, will be hosting a Mixer at the University of Moncton on Thursday, November 7 th at 5pm in the Engineering building.

Faculties of Engineering, Business, Computer Science and Science are invited to gain a better understanding of ARC Canada’s vision to fully develop and implement a manufacturing and supply chain hub. Along with Mr. Sawyer, the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) will also present, providing insight to students on how this organization serves the nation as world leaders in developing innovative applications of advanced technology.

“This event at the University of Moncton is a continuation of ARC Canada’s support for the province of New Brunswick,” says Mr. Sawyer, “I believe the University of Moncton could offer assistance as we continue our research and development initiatives for the ARC-100 Technology.” The New Brunswick native continues, “engagement in academia is necessary and enables our company to continuously advance our technology to provide a carbon neutral energy source for cleaner air for generations to come.”

In addition to our technology development, ARC Canada will also require business support as the company continues to grow. Mr. Sawyer explains “the University of Moncton, as well as, other provincial universities and colleges, has a history of producing leaders through its academic programs and my intention is to keep that talent right here at home by providing opportunities for our next generation, so they’re not forced to find gainful employment elsewhere.”

Along with the significant environmental benefits in terms of carbon reduction, the ARC Canada technology provides an inherently safe and low-cost option for the province of New Brunswick’s energy supply. New Brunswick possesses significant attributes to support the vision such as a “Fit-For-Service” site for the demonstration unit, the required social license, a safe and effective nuclear operator, a flexible work force and an ideal academia to support development and innovation. In order to achieve this vision, Mr. Sawyer believes a key component is to continue with advancements in research and development through provincial academic institutions.

About ARC Nuclear Canada, Inc.
ARC Canada’s mission is to commercialize the ARC-100 technology, an advanced small modular reactor (SMR) that provides safe, reliable, economically competitive and carbon-free energy with a viable solution to used fuel. ARC Canada has established its Head Office in Saint John, New Brunswick with a goal of promoting business and economic development within the Province of New Brunswick.

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