Pickering Company Grows to Support Darlington Refurbishment

Pickering Company Grows to Support Darlington Refurbishment  

March 2, 2018, Pickering – At Tetra Tech, staffing levels in the Power Division have more than doubled since 2013, in large part because of its work on the Darlington Refurbishment project with ES Fox and Ontario Power Generation.

Tetra Tech has been supporting OPG’s Darlington Refurbishment project since 2013, providing Engineering and Project Management services. Tetra Tech’s Power Division has experienced a doubling of staff levels since we began supporting the Darlington Refurbishment Project in 2013. 

As a result, Tetra Tech increased capacity at the local Pickering office and expanded to a second local office to accommodate additional staff. The Refurbishment-related growth has meant increasing capacity at its original Squires Beach Road facility as well as adding a second nearby office space to house staff. A number of Tetra Tech employees are also based at OPG sites to provide on-the-ground support.

Serving the Canadian nuclear industry for more than 50 years, Tetra Tech’s award-winning team has experience in all aspects of planning, design, licensing, construction, operations, maintenance, decontamination and decommissioning, and environmental elements of facility life. Tetra Tech’s services support all components of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium enrichment facilities to spent fuel processing facilities.  

Tetra Tech has become a key contributor and partner to OPG’s innovation initiative to increase both public and personnel safety margins as well as increasing efficiency of work tasks, which in turn lower operational costs and increase social license in the community.  

OPG innovation initiatives that Tetra Tech is leading, through PNGS Director, Jason Wight’s X-Labs Innovation Centre, include use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

AR Safety Glasses allows for easy access in the field to design, operations and maintenance information to decrease time required in radioactive areas.  Personnel dosage rates can also be easily viewed by the user.  AR can also be used via desktop, computer tablets, and smart-phones.  

VR is aiding in training of personnel, in both creating more realistic representations of environments in which training is key to safety. VR is also being used to better plan and implement work for maintenance, operations and engineering modifications performed within the plant. This will serve to make existing processes more efficient and improve communication between all groups.  

Ontario is embarking on a massive nuclear refurbishment program that will see 8,000 jobs created in the province, to add to the 12,000 Ontarians currently employed in the sector. The refurbishment of Ontario Power Generation’s Darlington Nuclear Station is underway and home to over 5,000 additional workers. Of the $25 billion planned investment in plants at Bruce and at Ontario Power Generation’s Darlington Nuclear Station, over 90 percent will be spent with Ontario-based suppliers, creating further jobs and opportunities for small and medium sized companies across the province.

OPG’s Darlington Refurbishment project is Canada’s largest clean energy project, generating thousands of jobs and environmental benefits for Ontarians. Tetra Tech is one of 200 companies located across the province who are supporting this 10-year venture.


“Our government’s Darlington refurbishment project will add $90 billion to our province’s GDP over the next generation and up to 14,200 made-in-Ontario jobs every year. This project ensures that families and businesses will continue to have clean, reliable and affordable energy that they can count on for another generation, while supporting hundreds of Ontario businesses. We are fortunate to have companies like Tetra Tech supporting this significant project and at the same time keeping high-paying tech jobs right here in my riding of Pickering-Ajax.” 

Joe Dickson, MPP for Ajax – Pickering  

“Tetra Tech and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are the cornerstones of Pickering and Durham Region’s EN3 (Energy, Environment, Engineering) cluster,” said Mayor Dave Ryan.  “Tetra Tech’s success illustrates the overwhelmingly positive impact that OPG’s Darlington Refurbishment project is having on both our community and economy.”

Mayor Dave Ryan, City of Pickering 

“OCNI commends Tetra Tech for its leadership in developing and applying innovative technologies such as 3D scanning and modeling as well as virtual reality and augmented reality systems that have enabled OPG to increase safety margins and efficiency in nuclear operations while creating new high-tech jobs here in Pickering.”  

Ron Oberth, President and CEO, OCNI

“The Darlington Refurbishment has opened up new potential for our next generation of technical staff to sit next to their peers in support of this significant project. Since the project will result in Darlington continuing to produce economical, non-GHG emitting baseload power for Ontarians for an additional three decades, ensuring that institutional and technical knowledge is passed along is so important.”

Pat Marchione, President, Tetra Tech

“It is very clear that, on any large project, planning is a critical element to overall success. The innovative technology supplied by Tetra Tech increases predictability, enhances safety and helps us stay on schedule – a significant benefit to our bottom line.”

Ted Gruetzner, Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, Ontario Power Generation


From Left to Right: Ron Oberth OCNI, Ted Gruetzner OPG, Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan, Sanjay Krishnan Tetra Tech, Pat Marchione, President Tetra Tech, Ajax-Pickering MPP Joe Dickson after special achievement award presentation at Tetra Tech Office in Pickering.

Tetra Tech is one of the largest engineering firms in Canada providing consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services for over 50 years. With over 3,000 staff in Canada and 16,000 employees worldwide, Tetra Tech provides support to the nuclear power industry in Canada and the United States.

Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is an association of more than 200 Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry that employ more than 12,000 highly skilled and specialized engineers, technologists, and trades people. OCNI companies design reactors, manufacture major equipment and components, and provide engineering services and support to CANDU nuclear power plants in Canada as well as to CANDU and Light Water Reactor (LWR) plants in offshore markets.

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Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries:  Ron Oberth, President and CEO

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