OCI hosts Trade Mission of Nuclear Equipment Suppliers from Argentina

December 7, 2015, Pickering, Ontario. – The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI), with the support of the Canadian Embassy of Canada in Argentina, hosted an incoming “Technology Linkage Trade Mission” of Argentine industrial companies that are seeking to team with Canadian nuclear suppliers in providing specialized equipment for the next nuclear plant reactor in Argentina. The Atucha III plant is a $6 billion CANDU project financed largely by China under a national sovereign loan.

The 18-person delegation, representing eight Argentine organizations across several industrial sectors, traveled to Canada in the week of November 8 to 13, and visited 17 Canadian nuclear suppliers in Ontario and Quebec. The trade mission was coordinated by Ricardo De Dicco, Coordinator of the Nuclear Metallurgical Commission of theAssociation of Metallurgical Industries of Argentina (ADIMRA), “The Argentine organisations on the mission share an interest in building their nuclear manufacturing capability and all see the next CANDU project in Argentina as an important and strategic partnering opportunity for both the Argentine and Canadian nuclear industries” said Mr. De Dicco.

Planning for the Atucha III CANDU project is well advanced through negotiations among NA-SA (Nucleoeléctrica Argentina Sociedad Anónima), the organization that operates all Argentine nuclear power plants, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), and SNC-Lavalin Nuclear on the final allocation of project responsibilities. NA-SA and CNNC have already agreed on the financial structure for the project with SNC-Lavalin Nuclear as the main reactor contractor to CNNC. The project is being developed as a highly localized model with much of the nuclear steam plant (NSP) equipment being provided by Argentine suppliers. “The project is targeted to have 70% local input which is best achieved through technology partnerships among Argentine companies and qualified Canadian CANDU equipment manufacturers” observed Dr. Ron Oberth President and CEO of OCI, the hosting organization. In line with this thinking the Argentine visitors also expressed interest exploring strategic alliances with the Canadian companies they visited. “We believe there is strong potential of concrete business outcomes from this Trade Mission” noted Dr. Oberth.

To pave the way for future productive collaboration OCI and ADIMRA signed an MOU, during a reception at the conclusion of the mission through which the two associations would: 1) identify opportunities or projects in Argentina, in Canada or in third countries on which companies within the ADIMRA and within OCI could work together; 2) host seminars and workshops in Argentina and in Canada at which companies within the ADMIRA and within OCI could exchange information and identify further areas of cooperation including joint ventures; 3) promote innovative cooperation opportunities associated with the joint development, design, testing, licensing and construction of heavy water reactors and small modular reactors in Argentina, in Canada and in  other locations; 4) facilitating cooperation among Canadian and Argentinian nuclear research institutes and universities on nuclear research and development and nuclear education.

The Trade Mission was partially funded by Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada’s (DFATD)’s Global Commerce Support Program: “Global Opportunities for Associations” (GOA).

Ricardo De Dicco and Ron Oberth sign ADIMRA-OCI MOU on November 12, in Brampton Ontario


The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) is an association of more than 190 suppliers to the nuclear industry. OCI companies employ more than 12,000 nuclear specialists who design reactors, manufacture major equipment and components, and provide engineering services and support to CANDU nuclear power plants in Canada as well as to CANDU and Light Water Reactor (LWR) plants in offshore markets.

The Association of Metallurgical Industries of Argentina (ADIMRA) is an association of more than 25,000 metallurgical companies including a nuclear section of 160 companies that are actively working to maximize local content for the next CANDU reactor in Argentina to be constructed at the Nuclear Atucha Complex, 120 km distant from Buenos Aires City.



Dr. Ron Oberth, President and CEO, OCI

905 839 -0073 or 647 407 6081, ron.oberth@oci-aic.org.


Lic. Ricardo De Dicco, Coordinator, Metallurgical Nuclear Commission, ADIMRA

(54 11) 4371-0055, rdedicco@adimra.org.ar



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