Canadian Nuclear Suppliers Depart on Trade Mission to South Africa

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) in partnership with the Canadian High Commission to South Africa is leading a delegation of nuclear suppliers including a representative from the Canadian Nuclear Safety commission on a trade mission to South Africa to showcase Canadian nuclear capabilities to senior South African department of Energy officials and related authorities. The three days of meetings and discussions will take place near Johannesburg from March 21 to 23. The Trade Mission was initiated by a formal invitation from the South African Minister of Energy to the High Commissioner of Canada, Mr. Gaston Barban, acknowledging that negotiations of a Nuclear Cooperation Agreement (NCA) between South Africa and Canada are well advanced.

South Africa recently announced plans to construct new nuclear plants to generate 9600 Megawatts of electricity to meet its increasing demand for clean, affordable and reliable electric energy. South Africa is the only African country that operates nuclear power plants with two 900 MWe PWR reactors at the Koeberg Site on the west coast near Cape Town and a research reactor near Johannesburg.

The Canadian Nuclear Trade Mission will enable Canadian companies to showcase their capabilities to support South Africa’s expanding nuclear program in a number of areas including: nuclear power plant construction oversight, localization of nuclear manufacturing, human resource and skills development, building public awareness, safety and licensing, nuclear plant siting and non-proliferation.

Canadian companies have a strong track record of working with South African partners in the energy, mining, telecommunications, and transportation sectors. “Through this trade mission we hope to expand this collaboration by working with South African authorities in developing the infrastructure, industrial capabilities and skilled resources needed to sustain a large and successful nuclear power program” said OCI President Dr Ron Oberth.

The Trade Mission will be led by Ms. Celeste Pendlebury of OCI member company Cameco FM who stems from South Africa. “OCI is very fortunate to delegate leadership of this trade mission to Ms. Pendlebury who has a broad knowledge of the Canadian nuclear supply chain, an appreciation of South African culture, and who speaks several local languages and retains a passion for the “Rainbow Nation” inspired by the late Nelson Mandela” noted Dr Oberth. The Trade Mission was facilitated by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development (DFATD) Trade Office in Johannesburg.

The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) is an association of 180 leading Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry in Canada and the international marketplace. OCI member companies collectively employ more than 12,000 highly skilled and specialized people who manufacture major equipment and components and provide engineering services and support for nuclear power plants in Canada and around the world. OCI companies also support medical and industrial applications of nuclear technology.

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