Bruce Power breaks ground on Kincardine office complex and training facility

The early stages of construction can now be seen at Bruce Power’s new office complex and training facility on Kincardine’s north end.

The 129,000 square foot building will be located on 7.5 hectares behind existing businesses and homes off Sutton Street. It will hold offices and the unique training tools that will be vital to the success of the Major Component Replacement projects, which will begin in 2020 in Unit 6 and occur on six of Bruce Power’s eight reactors through 2033. These projects will extend the life of the Bruce Power site to 2064.

“After spending a lot of time working with the Municipality of Kincardine and local residents to develop our plans, we are excited to break the ground on our new training facility,” said Kevin Kelly, Executive Vice President, Corporate Services. “The facility will welcome over 500 people to work every day, and is another example of how the Bruce Power Life-Extension Program allows us to collaborate with our communities to expand the nuclear industry’s reach outside the Bruce Power site, and positively impact our local economies.”

The new building will feature a two-story office area including office space, classrooms and amenities for the occupants; a one-story, high-bay shop area to host training, shop, and storage space; 330 office workers and 150 workers in the shop space; and parking, amenities, and facilities for about 500 employees.

Kincardine Mayor Anne Eadie said this project is another example of the positive economic impact the nuclear industry has on the Municipality of Kincardine.

“Bruce Power continues to prove itself a wonderful steward of our community and this new facility is another example of the municipality, the company and local residents working toward a common goal,” Mayor Eadie said. “Bruce Power’s training facility will create jobs at local establishments that will need to provide for upwards of 500 workers who will stay in Kincardine every day. The economic impact a facility of this size can have on a community is immeasurable.”

Bruce County Warden Mitch Twolan said the county is feeling the positive economic spin-offs that a thriving nuclear industry brings to rural Ontario.

“Whether it’s another nuclear supplier opening an office in the area and creating jobs, or strong retail and real estate sectors, Bruce County’s economy is certainly thriving as Bruce Power continues its Life-Extension Program and moves toward its first Major Component Replacement Project in 2020,” Warden Twolan said. “Bruce Power continues to focus on the future by encouraging suppliers to locate in the county and by investing in infrastructure such as the training facility.”

The new facility is expected to open in early-2019.

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