A triumph-ant return to the nuclear industry

Toronto-based Triumph Gear Systems has long played a key role in Ontario’s nuclear industry, and that tradition continues today as the company produces end fittings and shield plugs for the Darlington Refurbishment project.

After many years away from the nuclear industry, Triumph is once again ramping up as a nuclear supplier. The company has hired 30 new employees to provide critical parts for the reactors undergoing refurbishment at Darlington Nuclear Generating Station.

At a July 25 event, long-time staff and new employees joined with OPG officials to celebrate the first shipment of end fittings and shield plugs – key reactor components for the Darlington Unit 2 refurbishment currently underway.

While it’s been some time since the company first produced the parts, they’ve retained a significant amount of institutional memory, with 23 employees who worked at the company during the last wave of nuclear still on staff.

“This has meant that our long-time employees have been able to teach the new people coming up how to build the parts,” said Bruce Van Nus, President of Triumph Gear Systems.

Triumph supplies complex machined parts to, among others, the aerospace industry, as well as nuclear. Van Nus said the work being done for the Darlington Refurbishment puts the company in an ideal position to supply the Canadian and international nuclear industries. The company now employs more than 200 workers at its office located in north Toronto.

Darlington Refurbishment is widely viewed as a “destiny project” whose success could have a positive impact on the industry as a whole, both in Canada and internationally.

“We are committed to better serving the nuclear industry, and have made significant investments to bring in the necessary equipment and inspection tools to support nuclear projects like the Darlington Refurbishment,” Van Nus said. “We believe nuclear could play a big role in our business for the next 30 or more years.”

Darlington Refurbishment is having an impact province-wide, with about 96 per cent of the project’s suppliers located in Ontario.

“The result is an impact in towns and cities across the province,” said Ted Gruetzner, OPG Vice President, Stakeholder Relations. “We’re working with our contract suppliers and partners as one team to deliver this project safely, with quality, on time and on budget.”


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