BC Instruments Supplying Key Components for Darlington Refurbishment Project Vibrant Nuclear Supply Chain Creating High Skill Jobs in Ontario

BC Instruments Supplying Key Components for Darlington Refurbishment Project Vibrant Nuclear Supply Chain Creating High Skill Jobs in Ontario BC Instruments Supplying Key Components for Darlington Refurbishment Project Vibrant Nuclear Supply Chain Creating High Skill Jobs in Ontario  BCI President Roger Conzelmann accepting the “OCNI Special Achievement Award” from Ron Oberth at BCI’s Schomberg plant during an event on July 18 to recognize BCI’s performance in support of the Darlington Retube and Feeder Replacement Project.
Tuesday, July 18, 2017

 July 18, 2017, Schomberg, Ontario. – The Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is proud to congratulate OCNI member BC Instruments (BCI) for completing and delivering the first set of positioning assemblies and calandria tube inserts for Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) Darlington Unit 2 refurbishment project. These key CANDU reactor fuel channel components were manufactured by BCI under exacting quality standards and specifications.  

“BC Instruments is a leading example of the many nuclear equipment designers and manufactures in Ontario,” says Dr. Ron Oberth OCNI President and CEO.   “They’re part of a vibrant nuclear supply chain of companies that create high skilled jobs and support Ontario’s nuclear fleet and compete in the worldwide nuclear market.”  

We’ve now completed work on and are ready to ship three parts necessary for Darlington’s Unit 2 refurbishment: calandria tube inserts, studs and yokes,” said Roger Conzelmann, President of BC Instruments. “This has meant staff retention and new hiring for our company, which will also provide components for subsequent units to be refurbished. We’re pleased to play a role in this important project.”

Local MPP for Oak Ridges - Markham the Hon. Dr. Helena Jaczek noted that "I am proud to have a company in my riding that creates skilled and long-term jobs while supporting the safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of Ontario's nuclear fleet.  Nuclear powers over 60% of Ontario homes, businesses, and hospitals and has helped Ontario have one of the lowest GHG emission electrical grids in North America.”

Mayor of Township of King, Steve Pellegrini, added “On behalf of King Township, I’m pleased to congratulate BC Instruments on its recent award from the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries. We’re extremely proud to have a world-class manufacturing company located in Schomberg. We’re also proud BCI is contributing to Canada’s nuclear fleet, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions while powering a large portion of Ontario’s homes and businesses. We wish you continued success as a key employer in King Township, providing jobs for more than 140 people.”

“Refurbishing Darlington Nuclear is Canada’s largest clean energy project. It’s an investment in clean air, lower energy prices and it creates thousands of high skilled jobs that will drive Ontario’s economy” said Carla Carmichael OPG Vice President Project Assurance and Contract Management. “The Darlington Refurbishment project is boosting Ontario’s Gross Domestic Product by $15 billion and is having significant impacts on the local economies across the province including Schomberg. OPG and our contract suppliers and partners are working as one team to deliver the project safely, on time and on budget.”  

The supply of positioning assemblies and calandria tube inserts for the Darlington Nuclear Retube and Feeder Replacement Project was contracted to BCI by the AECON / SNC-Lavalin Joint Venture.    “Aecon and SNC-Lavalin are proud of the excellent and reliable work BC Instruments has completed in support of our work to refurbish Darlington’s Unit 2,” said John M. Beck, President and Chief Executive Officer, Aecon Group Inc. on behalf of the JV. “BCI has been an important part of our Ontario based supply chain to deliver over 800 calandria tube inserts, over 1000 stud and nut assemblies, yokes and other precision components fabricated to the quality standards our customers demand,” said Preston Swafford, Chief Nuclear Officer and Executive Vice-President, Nuclear on behalf of the JV.    



B.C. Instruments (BCI) is a N285.0, NCA 4000, Z299.2 and ISO 9001 certifi­ed Precision Machine Shop, manufacturing and supplying quality components and assemblies to the nuclear energy, injection mold, aerospace, defense, medical, electronic, and other related industries. BC Instruments is located in King Township and employees more than 140 people serving world leading, global customers since 1971. Beginning in founder Bruno Conzelmann's garage, BCI. has grown to its present size of six buildings encompassing 68,000 sq. ft. with sales of $27,000.000 for 2016.  

Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) is an association of more than 200 Canadian suppliers to the nuclear industry that employ more than 12,000 highly skilled and specialized engineers, technologists, and trades people. OCNI companies design reactors, manufacture major equipment and components, and provide engineering services and support to CANDU nuclear power plants in Canada as well as to CANDU and Light Water Reactor (LWR) plants in offshore markets. 

For Further Information Contact: Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries:  Ron Oberth, President and CEO, 905 839 -0073 or 647 407 6081, ron.oberth@ocni.ca.

or BC Instruments: Roger Conzelmann, President, 905 939- 7323 ext 334, rogerc@bc-instruments.com





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