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Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries
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Westinghouse Electric Canada was formed to extend the worldwide fuel, services, automation and new plant capabilities and experience of Westinghouse Electric Company to support Canada’s viable nuclear energy industry. Westinghouse currently has more than 150 Canadian suppliers that provide a range of products and services.

Westinghouse Electric Canada,  is an affiliate of Westinghouse Electric Company, a leading provider of fuel, services, technology, plant design and equipment to utility and industrial customers globally in the commercial nuclear electric power industry. Nearly 50% of all commercial nuclear power plants in operation worldwide, and approximately 60% in the U.S., are based on Westinghouse technology. Westinghouse supplied the original equipment design for 62 out of the 104 licensed commercial nuclear reactors in the U.S. and 113 out of the 443 licensed commercial nuclear reactors worldwide.

Company Information

Westinghouse Electric Canada Inc. 1000 Westinghouse Drive
Cranberry Township Pennsylvania
16066 United States

Products & Services

  • Nuclear Fuel (mining, processing etc.)
  • Engineering Services
  • Contracting and Project Management
  • Information Technology (Computers, Systems, Software)
  • Equipment Qualification and Testing (Seismic, EQ, Commercial Grade Dedication etc.)
  • NDE
  • Calibration and Testing Services, Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Machining and/or fabrication (general)
  • Fluid Control Equipment (valves, pumps and related equipment)
  • Electrical Equipment and Components (miscellaneous)
  • Instrumentation (miscellaneous)
  • Chemicals and Related Products

Contact Information

Craig Nitchman Customer Account Manager
412-374-6544 724-720-0885
Mark Kirton Customer Account Manager


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