Thorburn Flex Inc.

Thorburn has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom flexible piping and engineered connectors for specific applications found in a PHWR/PWR nuclear reactor.


Thorburn's CANDU/ PHWR  experience is global:  Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada Inc., HQ Gentilly (1 unit), NBP Point Lepreau (1 unit), OPG Darlington (4 units), OPG Pickering (8 units), OPG/BP Bruce (8 units), Cernavoda Romania (2 units), Wolsong South Korea (4 units), Quinshan China (2 units) and Embalse Argentina (1 unit).


Thorburn is an N285.0 NCA 4000 NQA-1 certified supplier; we also have B51, ASME Section XIII division 1, U-Stamp, ISO-9001 2008 and the company has been audited and approved by CANPAC as an approved Vendor; we are also CSA Z299.3 by OPG & I.S.C.R. Romania Certificate no. 2N/E10/8-2010 and are certified for the CNCAN quality system.




F/M Catenary Flexible Piping Systems
Non-metallic and metallic hose assemblies and connectors
Fueling machine flexible piping systems
D2O primary and auxiliary system hose assemblies
Quick couplings for Dry Break disconnect / connect applications
Bellows assemblies for main steam penetration
Bellows, Annulus Seal, Active Drainage, Fuel Rod Flask and Rod Cup Seal
Elastomeric and metallic expansion joints for RSW, CWC and CWS piping systems
Core Feeder Flexible Piping and Cryogenic Quick Couplings
Pipe Clamp Connectors

Company Information

Thorburn Flex Inc. 165 Oneida
Pointe-Claire Quebec
H9R 1A9 Canada

Products & Services

  • Engineering Services
  • Equipment Qualification and Testing (Seismic, EQ, Commercial Grade Dedication etc.)
  • NDE
  • Machining and/or fabrication (general)
  • Fluid Control Equipment (valves, pumps and related equipment)
  • Mechanical Equipment and Components
ISO 9001:2008 ASME B31.1, B31.3, CSA N285.0 B51 ASME NCA 4000 NQA-1 ASME Section VIII, Div. 1.1 ( "U" Stamp) CSA CAN3 Z299.1, Z299.2, Z299.3 ,Z299.4 ISCIR Romania CNCAN Romania

Contact Information

Robert Thorburn President
514-695-8710 514-695-8716
Marie Valin Vice-President , Administration
514-695-8710 514-695-8716

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