Team Industrial Services

Team is a specialized multi service provider with 115 with locations globally; we have been supporting the Canadian Nuclear industry for over 30 years with NDE Inspection services as well as Heat Treating and Mechanical services.

Team is a full service NDE service provider with expertise in radiographic testing (conventional and digital), ultrasonic testing (conventional, AUT, Phased Array, TOFD), eddy current testing (tubular and surface) liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and Visual examination. We also provide additional specialty applications such as PMI (alloy and carbon), ferrite testing, hardness testing, remote video applications, etc.

Our Branches are strategically located in Canada in order to support power generation and nuclear facilities. Currently there are 6 locations throughout Ontario and 22 additional locations across Canada that support not only the nuclear industry but also Petrochemical, Thermal and Hydro power generation, Pipelines, Tank Inspections ,turn around support, API applications and many others.

Several examples of Nuclear Inspection services provided are (but not limited to) feeder Inspection, periodic inspections, (FAC) assessment, turbine inspections, fuel channel component inspections etc...

With state of the art NDE Inspection technologies and highly experienced technicians we are able to support any NDE inspection request required...24/7.

Company Information

Team Industrial Services 781 Westgate Road
Oakville Ontario
L6L 6R7 Canada

Products & Services

  • Equipment Qualification and Testing (Seismic, EQ, Commercial Grade Dedication etc.)
  • Calibration and Testing Services, Measuring and Test Equipment

Contact Information

George Hoytema Branch manager
905-337-4717 905-845-9551
Dan Gonzalez Account Manager - Ontario Region

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