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Structural Integrity Associates (SI) is an established engineering and consulting firm dedicated to the analysis, control and prevention of structural and mechanical failures with over 30 years of nuclear power plants engineering experience. We specialize in the technical support needed for confident aging management of nuclear systems and components by utilizing our experience in NDE, fatigue, welding, corrosion, vibration, fuels, chemistry and structural engineering. SI is well versed in ASMA, NACE, ASNT, ASCE and other industry organizations, and can respond to emergent failures 24/7. SI is constantly developing software solutions to support fatigue management, fracture mechanics, buried piping management, and more. Our clients also appreciate SI’s cost-efficient tools such as Latitude™ for manually encoded PAUT, BIoGEORGE™ for microbiologically induced corrosion, and SIPEC™ for robotic inline inspections.

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Structural Integrity Associates 2275 Upper Middle Road East, Suite 101
Oakville Ontario
L6H 0C3 Canada

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    Luke Bockewitz Consultant
    Joe Agnew Director of Nuclear Business Development
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