Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc.

Since 1957, Nu-Tech has manufactured every pressure tube in operation in every CANDU reactor world-wide. Nu-Tech’s other CANDU related offerings include: seamless zirconium and hafnium tubes for research reactors (NRU,MAPLE, HANARO, Bettis, FRM), Electron Beam welded tubular assemblies, zirconium flow tubes (circular and hexagonal) and FARE tubes, stainless liner tubes (CANDU, feeder tubes and elbows - small lot, original code year) in carbon and low alloy steels.

Nu-Tech also supplies products for PWRs , BWRs and naval reactors: zirconium, titanium, copper and nickel based alloys and stainless tubes for feed water pipe and fittings, control rod drives, feedwater desalination, and flux detector housings. Nu-Tech has an NPT Stamp and TSSA Registration as a Material Organization.

Company Information

Nu-Tech Precision Metals Inc. 460 McCartney Street
Arnprior Ontario
K75 0B6 Canada

Products & Services

  • Raw Materials (castings, forgings, bar, etc.)
  • Machining and/or fabrication (general)
  • Mechanical Equipment and Components

Contact Information

George Legate President
(613) 623-6544 (613) 623-8183
Sandye Hook Sales Manager
(613) 623-6544

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