As a 40-year veteran company to the shielding industry, NPO has supplied products and services that address ALARA needs worldwide in the areas of radiation shielding and contamination control.  At NPO, we work synergistically with our customers, adapting product designs that conform to their specifications.  In fact, over the past few years alone, NPO has customized hundreds of new products to meet the unique ALARA challenges our customers have faced.  Our product line is the broadest in the industry, which allows us to offer the best available solution to the ALARA challenges faced by nuclear power plants anywhere in the world.

One of our flag ship products is T-Flex®.  T-Flex® products maximize shielding effectiveness while keeping the weight to a minimum.  Ideal for applications that require custom moldable shapes along with flexibility, such as small bore pipe, elbows and valves.  T-Flex® products are available as blankets, ribbon wrap, pipe shields, floor tiles, magnetic tiles, and molded shapes flexible or rigid.  Fasteners/securing methods are available and include magnets, grommets and HRA locking devices.  Tungsten, Bismuth, and Iron attenuating materials are available.

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