MarShield Radiation Protection Products

For over 40 years, MarShield has provided a complete range of radiation shielding products to the nuclear industry. We are the industry experts in nuclear lead castings and nuclear lead pours. MarShield is the proven leader in this field. We help our customers from the initial stages of product development right through to a complete, lead filled shielding component.

MarShield specializes in many other nuclear products such as, lead lined cabinets, lead lined storage containers, lead wool blankets, borated polyethylene, lead shot, and non-lead shielding alternatives.

Our quality management system certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and CAN3 - Z299.2:85. We work with our customers to ensure a system of quality controls that meets their needs and, if applicable , their customers’ specified requirements.

Company Information

MarShield Radiation Protection Products 4140 Morris Drive
Burlington Ontario
L7L 5L6 Canada

Products & Services

  • Raw Materials (castings, forgings, bar, etc.)
  • Medical Products and Services (nuclear)
  • Contracting and Project Management
  • NDE
  • Machining and/or fabrication (general)
  • Radiation Shielding Products
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management

Contact Information

Jim Chesla Vice President
(905) 637-3862 +1 (905) 637-8841
Kevin Milne President
(905) 637-3862

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