Isowater Corporation

Isowater Corporation is a leading supplier of deuterium oxide (heavy water) to the world’s Life Science, Environmental Science, and High Tech industries.  Isowater meets customers needs in these markets where a diverse requirement for purities, isotopic specification, certifications, product format and quantities is required.   Within these markets, applications range from semiconductors, fibre optics, oil field services, pharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, and health and nutrition.

We are also developing scalable technology for deuterium oxide which can both recycle downgraded materials as well as produce new deuterium oxide from natural water.  Eventual large scale production of heavy water for Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors can be made.  In keeping with the global focus on sustainable development, Isowater is a Clean Tech company dedicated to implementing technology with essentially zero emissions and avoiding the use of toxic materials.

Company Information

Isowater Corporation 40 Sandford Fleming Drive
Collingwood Ontario
L9Y 4V7 Canada

Products & Services

  • Chemicals and Related Products

Contact Information

Andrew T. B. Stuart President and CEO
1 (705) 293 1106 X 22 1 (416) 981 8988
Dr. Jim Farmilo, PhD Vice President and General Manager
1 (705) 293 1106 X 23 1 (416) 981 8988

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