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HSI"' has provided Human System Integration and Human Factors {HF) support for Canadian and U.S. government and industry clients for over thirty years with a focus on high risk sectors such as Defence, Health Care, Emergency Services, Utilities and Industry. Human System Integration covers all human involvement throughout the life cycle of a system: Development, Design, Acquisition, Operation, Maintenance and Training. It accommodates the whole user population to optimize system, individual and team performance and safety. Our work has and is being conducted in several countries: Canada, U.S.A., Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, U.K., Norway, Sweden and others.

HSI" offers a core team of Human Factors specialists with the capability, depth and experience in applied research and development in the various Human Sciences domains. HSI" staff have over three decades of experience conducting R&D and Human Factors projects in the field, in test beds, in training simulators, using software modeling techniques, and collecting data for any scale deliverable. Our team possess the scientific and engineering training to conduct critical literature and technology searches and reviews, plan, conduct and analyze valid and reliable trials and write reports. Hsi• provides high level of expertise in the technical issues of interest, relevant knowledge of experimental methods, design, and statistical analyses, and knowledge of and familiarity with the methodological tools needed to carry out the research. HSI" consultants also have considerable experience drafting research plans, conducting reviews of scientific and human factors literature, conducting experiments in laboratory and field settings, conducting focus groups and interviews, developing and implementing surveys, and collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

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