Eng Machine Technologies Inc.

Professional mechanical engineering for CANDU and APlOOO reactors. Consulting, advisory, machinery development, tooling and equipment design, FEA, analysis reports, modifications, documentation, project management.

Reactor refurbishment, fuel channel inspection, uranium processing, waste storage, isotopes production, piping modules.
General non-nuclear engineering, mining, automotive automation, robotics systems.

Professional engineering services:

Engineering analysis reports, stress and deflections, functionality analysis. Technical specifications, engineering studies, concept designs, procedures. 3D design of tooling, piping modules, weldments. Fabrication drawings. Project manfil!ement from desi&n to fabrication and testin??.

Nuclear Innovations:

Refurbishment tooling for removal of old reactor components, installation and testing of new reactor components.
Fuel channel mock-up, inspection, and maintenance tooling
Calandria vault inspection tooling
Radioactive waste storage
Uranium enrichment process equipment
Isotope production equipment
Piping modules
Fabrication and procurement of desi®ed eouipment

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Eng Machine Technologies Inc. 7700 Pine Valley Dr. # 72130
Woodbridge ON
L4L 2X4 Canada

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