Camfil Canada Inc.

Camfil is a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions. We provide Safety and Protection systems for air filtration and air pollution control, that improve worker and equipment productivity while minimizing energy and protect the environment.

Camfil has been providing solutions for nuclear power plants since the early 1960s. Today, we are the global leader in nuclear particulate and gas-phase filtration with experience from more than 90 plants around the world, including the supply of key equipment and filters used in several landmark nuclear decommissioning and waste management projects. Nuclear-generated power is becoming increasingly attractive as nations look to reduce their carbon footprint. Safety is a key concern to our clientele and is paramount to us. Camfil offers the finest quality products, produced by world-class professionals in best-in-class manufacturing facilities.

Company Information

Camfil Canada Inc. 2700 Steeles Ave. W
Concord Ontario

Products & Services

  • Nuclear Fuel (mining, processing etc.)
  • Engineering Services
  • Advertising, Marketing and Communications
  • Equipment Qualification and Testing (Seismic, EQ, Commercial Grade Dedication etc.)
  • Chemicals and Related Products
  • Mechanical Equipment and Components
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management

Contact Information

ABHISHEK ARORA Customer Service Manager
(905) 660-5691
Mr. Berni Baier Marketing Manager
(905) 660-0688 ext. 301

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