B.C. Instruments

BC Instruments is a precision machine shop that provides high quality, CNC machining and manufacturing services to clients in the nuclear, aerospace, medical, electronic, oil & gas and injection molding industries.

Established in 1971, BC Instruments (BCI) is a privately owned Canadian Company with plants located 45 minutes north of Toronto, in Schomberg, and Orillia, Ontario. Presently, we employ 130 employees in manufacturing facilities totaling 58,000sq.ft. Annual sales for fiscal 2012 totaled $24 million.

Utilizing modern state of the art CNC equipment, our skilled employees specialize in the manufacture of components and assemblies requiring tolerances as close as 25 microns. We also have the capability and experience to work with customers through the research and development stage of new projects. We make use of a number of machines that utilize high speed spindles, high pressure coolant and constant chip evacuation to machine components at high metal removal rates. We have in-house capacity to machine parts requiring hard milling / turning, honing, laser engraving, single and dual face lapping.

In addition to conventional materials, we are experienced in working with such exotic materials as Hy-Mu 80, Titanium, Inconel 718, A-286, Monel, Haynes Alloy 41 (Rene 41), Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) and various grades of ceramic.

Of special note is our Engineered Materials Machining Section’s (EMMS) use of Ultrasonic Technology to machine near diamond hardness materials such as alumina & zirconia oxides, glass, silicon nitrate, carbide and even man made ruby. The DMS 35 Ultrasonic machine built by Sauer in Germany makes efficient machining of advanced materials possible. With the aid of an ultrasonic spindle, the vibration of the high-tech spindle is transferred to a hollow diamond tool. The tool vibrates at a rate of 20,000 cycles per second, and thus removes miniscule particles from the surface of the work piece. EMMS operates out of a 4,000 square foot facility in Barrie.

We have the ability to translate most known formats of CAD data, including Step AP203/AP214, DXF and IGES for manufacturing customer parts. In addition we can support many native formats such as Catia V5, Pro Engineer and Solid Edge.

BCI is associated with Aerospace Metal Finishing (AMF), located next door to BCI, which provides surface finishing services such as anodizing, electroplating, prime and topcoat. Staveley Services Canada Inc. is stationed on site at AMF to provide non-destructive inspection services such as magnetic particle and fluorescent penetrant inspection.

In 2004 BCI opened BC Instruments India Private Limited located in Gujarat State,India. In 2012 BCI India has manufacturing facilities of 22,000 sq. ft. and 70 employees.


1. Reactivity Control Unit - Thimbles, Guide Tube Extensions & Associated Parts (AECL Ref. 31700-005)
2. Fuel Channel End Fitting - Bearing Sleeves & Journal Rings (AECL Ref. 31150-005)
3. Fuel Channel End Fitting - Shielding Sleeve East and West and Stop Attachment Collars (AECL Ref. 31120-002)
4. Fuel Channel End Fitting - Inboard and Outboard Journal Rings (AECL Ref. 31150-001)
5. Fittings - Nuclear Class 1 & Class 3 Buttweld Adaptors (AECL Ref. 60620-005)
6. Nuclear Class 1 & 3 Thermowells (AECL Ref. 60441-01, TS XX-60442-16)
7. Calandria Tube Sleeve Inserts, Nuclear Class 1 (AECL Ref. 31230-002)
8. Feeder Thermowells and Guide Tube Assemblies (AECL Ref. 60444 -001, 60441-001, 63102-29)
9. Fuel Channel - Shield Plug Assembly (AECL Ref. 31130-001)
10. Feeder Connection - Cap screws & Bolts (AECL Ref. 31170-004)
11. Feeder Connection - Flanges (AECL Ref. 31170-006)
12. Feeder Connection - Hubs (AECL Ref. 31170-003)
13. Feeder Connection - Seal Rings (AECL Ref. 31170-010)
14. Feeder Connection – Forged Flanged Elbow (AECL Ref. 10820 - 31170-002) – ACR 1000
15. Upper Feeder Rigid Spring, Hangers and Spacers (AECL Ref: 33126-009)
16. Fuel Channel – Positioning Assembly (Yoke Sub Assy, Nut, Stud and Components) (Ref: 31124-002)
17. Fuelling Machine Head - Snout Plug Assembly and Components (Seal Assy, and Components (Ref: 35315-001)
18. Fuelling Machine Head Magazine Ass’y Coolant Connector (Ref: 35213-001)
19. Nuclear Class 1 Liquid Level Gauges (AECL Ref. 60413 -02)
20. Tube Plugs, Tube sheet Plugs & Stabilizers for Steam Generators
21. Tool Plug , Fuel Channel Closure for Manual Removal & Install (GIF Tool) (Ref: 31140 -001)
22. Reactivity Control - Upper Shield Plug Assembly (AECL Ref: 31783-19)
23. Threaded connectors & couplers for reinforcing concrete (AECL Ref. 20542-08)
24. Snout Safety Lock (AECL Ref. 35311-001)
25. Cobalt Adaptor Assemblies (AECL Ref. 31783-02)

26. F/M Head Separator Safety Latch Assembly (OPG Ref. 35300-01 & 35312-02)
27. Shutdown System “E” Fission Chamber Units Shutter Assy. (AECL Ref. 31780-0023)
28. Welding System Wire Feeder Assembly (AECL Ref. 30155-02)
29. Housing Seal Pressure Boundary ( Ref: 0000212053 1)
30. Plunger, Pump (Ref: 0000176958 1)
31. Tube, Magnetic Shield (Ref: 0000210013 3)
32. Filter, Sampling NC3 (0000189385 1)
33. Separator Assy Side Stop (Ref: 0000211617 3)
34. Gear, Spur, Fuel Machine (Ref: 0000212589 3)
35. Shaft , Tape Drive (Ref: 0000211885 3)
36. Hypodermic Sample Station (Ref: 0000216906 1)
37. Capsule, Flange (Ref: 31743 – 103)
38. Cable Rewind Mechanism (OPG Ref. 35200-0830)
39. Heat Transport System Coolant Sample Holder (AECL Ref. 63103-2)
40. Components for Fuelling Machine Head (AECL Ref. 35214)
41. Components for SLAR Production Tool
42. Welding Torch Assemblies, Cutting, Cleaning & Skimming Tools
43. Pressure Breakdown Orifices
44. Latches for Grapple Assembly
45. Parts for Replication System and Replication Tool

Company Information

B.C. Instruments 41 Proctor Road
Scomberg Ontario
L0G 1T0 Canada

Products & Services

  • Medical Products and Services (nuclear)
  • Machining and/or fabrication (general)
  • Instrumentation (miscellaneous)
  • Mechanical Equipment and Components
CSA N285.0 CSA Z299.2 ISO 9001 AS9100

Contact Information

Uma Mallik Project Engineer
905 939 7323 ext. 337 905 939 8206

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