ASI Group Ltd. (ASI) was founded in 1987 as Aquatic Sciences Inc. by a team of industry professionals committed to providing integrated engineering, marine and ecological services to local clients. Over the past 25 years of business operations, ASI has expanded equipment and personnel resources to establish working relationships with many global clients.

ASI pioneered the design and use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV) with extended umbilical lengths for the inspection and survey of intake and outfall pipelines, large diameter tunnels, and other water conveyance structures and facilities worldwide. Due to the infestation of intake pipelines by zebra mussels in the Great Lakes watershed, it was necessary to complement our commercial diving services with the supply and operation of ROV’s in order to address site specific safety and operational obstacles such as extended penetration distance, confined spaces, limited shutdown duration, and general hazards associated with unknown site conditions.

ASI’s first ROV was the Pipeliner (1990) which utilized a 3,000 foot length of umbilical, and thus could undertake inspections of 6,000 feet (or more) in length depending on location and number of access portals. The next purpose-built ROV was the ASI Mantaro with a 10 km length of umbilical, which still remains as the single longest tether for any ROV in the world.

Currently, ASI owns and operates a diverse fleet of ROV’s which are utilized to service a wide range of industries including hydroelectric, water control/containment, mining, nuclear, manufacturing, oil and gas to name a few. The fleet includes the ASI Mantaro, as well as the ASI Falcon and ASI LBV300XL, each of which has 5 and 2.5 km umbilicals respectively. Additionally, we have commissioned the building of the next generation ROV, the ASI Mohican, which with its technological advances will provide significant advantages for future inspections.

Since 1989, ASI has successfully completed over 350 tunnel and pipeline inspections for a cumulative total length in excess of 1100 km using a variety of purpose built ROV’s. ASI holds current world records (Guinness World Book of Records) for any single penetration into a flooded tunnel (10 km), and the overall longest inspection of a flooded tunnel (120 km).

ASI has been involved in a variety of projects worldwide including Europe, South America, Latin America, New Zealand, throughout Canada and the United States.

Two significant tunnel inspections were completed during the 1990’s. ASI commissioned the design and construction of the ASI Mantaro vehicle for a project in Peru that required the inspection of a 20 km long head race tunnel to investigate the possible cause of unexplained head loss in the system. Later, in 1998, ASI used their ASI Mantaro ROV to undertake a complete survey of the 120 km Päijänne Tunnel, located in Finland, which included 4 separate deployments of the full 10 km umbilical. The ASI Mantaro stands alone as the world’s only ROV capable of traveling 10 km distances from a single access point.

Our experience with flooded tunnels, optimized equipment and inspection protocols, as well as our ability to manage logistics for remote work locations, allow us to undertake and complete project goals efficiently. With our underwater robotic facilities, fabrication shops and experienced personnel, we assure clients of consistent quality and rapid response. Additionally, in recent years ASI has developed or been involved with supporting technologies including the construction/operation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) deployed for the inspection of flooded tunnels, the use of multi-beam and dual axis sonar which can be an add-on technology suite to any of ASI’s vehicles. Laser scanning equipment and ground penetrating radar (GPR) are also being developed for future use.
Providing exceptional service to our clients requires the implementation of an effective quality management system. This ensures conformance to client requirements and a system for continuous improvement.

Unlike many of our competitors, ASI Group is registered to ISO 9001:2008, and has been audited to the requirements of CSA Standard CAN3-Z299.3-85: Quality Assurance Program by OPG. Through our corporate Quality Management System, we follow the requirements of CSA Standards CAN3-N286.1, CAN3-N286.2 for design for nuclear power generators and provide highly qualified Professional Engineers and Technologists.

We are a full-service engineering and technology based company with a focus on all aspects of underwater infrastructure inspections, maintenance, and repair; as well as the design, build and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities.
The head office is situated in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada with additional regional branches located in Sarnia, Ottawa and Haliburton. We also operate an office identified as Aquatic Sciences L.P. in Orchard Park, New York, USA.

ASI Group is comprised of an exceptional blend of water and wastewater engineering, construction management and marine operations personnel. Presently, our team consists of over 100 experts including Professional Engineers, Certified Engineering Technologists, Environmental and Engineering Technicians, Water Quality Analysts, Licensed Commercial Divers, Surveyors and Hydrography specialists.

Throughout the past 25 years in business, our strongest asset has been the ability to offer a full service approach - from initial problem identification to the development and implementation of the appropriate solution.

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ASI Group Ltd. 566 Arvin Avenue
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•ISO 9001:2008 Registration Certificate •Certificate of Authorization, ASME B31.1 Power Piping •Certificate of Authorization, ASME B31.3 Process Piping •Certificate of Authorization, Repair and Alteration of Bonded Category H Fittings •ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation Certificate •ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Scope of Accreditation •CSA Certificate of Compliance for Industrial Control Equipment •Lloyd's Register Approval of Service Suppliers •Certificate of Authorization, Professional Engineering

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905.643.3283 ext. 226 905.643.1816
Dan Butts Western Ontario Regional Manager

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