Aggreko is the global leader in temporary power, temperature control and 100% oil free air with over 190 locations worldwide. Our comprehensive range of Aggreko rental generators, oil free air compressors and HVAC equipment is rigorously maintained and designed to handle any demand and includes the latest environmental technology and standards. Furthermore our technical specialists and in-house engineering team work with you – providing technical, process and planning experience to solve your specific needs. Aggreko offers applications and solutions that offer you turnkey results and spans a number of different industry applications including utilities, manufacturing, construction, contracting, mining,  petrochemical and beyond. Our 24/7/365 service is available whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Company Information

Aggreko 300 Clarence Street
Brampton Ontario
L6W 1T5 Canada

Products & Services

  • Engineering Services
  • Contracting and Project Management
  • Equipment Qualification and Testing (Seismic, EQ, Commercial Grade Dedication etc.)
  • Calibration and Testing Services, Measuring and Test Equipment
  • Fluid Control Equipment (valves, pumps and related equipment)
  • Electrical Equipment and Components (miscellaneous)
  • Instrumentation (miscellaneous)
  • Mechanical Equipment and Components

Contact Information

Eric Rivera Business Development Manager
(331) 229-1229
Scott Davis Business Development Manager
(904) 616-8012

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