3/3/2019 12:00:00 AM: OCNI Trade Mission to WM Symposia

OCNI Trade Mission to WM Symposia
OCNI Trade Mission to WM Symposia
March 3, 2019
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The 45th Annual Waste Management Symposium (WMS), will be held in Phoenix,  AZ from March 3-7, 2019. The WMS is a global conference that attracts in excess of 2000 registrants from 35 countries. I am thrilled to tell you that Canada has been chosen as the Featured Country for the 2019 Symposium. We will highlight our many successes and contributions to the nuclear industry in general and our safe and responsible management of radioactive waste.
As a member of the WMS 2019Team Canada Steering Committee, I would like to  
take this opportunity to reach out to the OCNI Membership, to encourage individuals, companies and organizations to register to attend WMS 2019.
Furthermore, I would ask you to consider making a Presentation or Demonstration of the products, skills and opportunities your organization brings to the Waste Management needs of the nuclear industry. In doing so, you will further enhance your exposure to the attendees and also help to be part of the larger opportunity to make Canada shine as the leader that it is in the nuclear world. As the Featured Country, a stage is made available for delegates and exhibitors to use, this requires some degree of organization in order to best accommodate all of those interested.
I would like to offer my assistance to those wishing to make presentations or technical demonstrations (e.g. packaging, robotics, testing apparatus, diagnostic tools, etc.). I will also create a preferred schedule for demonstrations and try to arrange any special technical requirements you may have. I would ask that you contact me as soon as possible with your plans and requirements in order that your needs will be met.
In addition to my role as described so far, I will also facilitate meetings with other WMS (non-Canadian) participants for the purposes of developing relationships, forming collaborations, establishing partnering agreements, etc. Please visit the website www.wmsym.org to learn about the registration process, costs and dates.
Kindest Regards,
Bruce Conning
WMS Featured Country, Steering Committee Member (Industry)
Chairman, Demonstrations, Presentations and Meetings Sub-Committee
On behalf of the Team Canada Organizing Committee, OCNI is writing to request your support to put Canada's best foot forward by participating in the Canadian Pavilion at WMS 2019. The Canadian Pavilion will be located in the Exhibit Hall at the Phoenix Conference Centre, where the WMS technical program will also be presented.

The Canadian Pavilion will measure 50' x 80' and have a prominent position within the Exhibition Hall, as shown in the attached floor plan. By participating in the Pavilion, you will have several different opportunities to support Canada's representation at WMS, including:
  • Shared Diamond Sponsorship for the Conference, in support of Canada as the Featured Country for WMS 2019, which includes recognition at the Featured Country Reception.
  •  Booth Sponsorship within the Canada Pavilion.
  •  Sponsorship of a hockey simulator within the Canada Pavilion.
  • Sponsorship of Canadian Whisky and Wine Tasting within the Canadian Pavilion. 
  • Sponsorship of Canadian Feature Country giveaways featuring the sponsor's logos, which will be placed on a table within Canada Pavilion for visitors.


Details on these opportunities are described in the Canada Pavilion Sponsorship Package PDF link below. These opportunities are offered on a first come, first served basis. To secure any of these opportunities, please complete and return the attached sponsorship form as early as possible to Janet Stefaniuk (jstefaniuk@aecl.ca) and Kristan Schruder (kristan.schruder@cnl.ca). Feel free to direct any related inquiries to the undersigned, or to one of the members of the Booth/Sponsorship sub-committee within the Team Canada organizing committee (list in PDF). Additional information about this year's WMS can also be found at



If you are interested in attending the Trade Mission, please contact Marina Oeyangen. Email: Marina.oeyangen@ocni.ca please
cc. sarina.harrison@ocni.ca or call the OCNI Office at (905)-839-0073. 
Interested in joining the Canadian pavilion.  email Marina.oeyangen@ocni.ca
Download the Event Flyer HERE  



We would like to caution our members not to open suspicious email attachments from OCNI unless the full signature is present. If you are unsure, please forward any emails as attachments to the OCNI office to confirm.

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