10/1/2017 12:00 AM: SIEN 2017

SIEN 2017
SIEN 2017
October 1 to October 4, 2017

SIEN 2017

OCTOBER 1-4, 2017


"Nuclear Energy - Safe and Reliable Partner of Our Future" 

SIEN 2017 is organized by the Romanian Association “Nuclear Energy” - AREN in partnership with the Romanian Atomic Forum – ROMATOM and with the involvement of Women in Nuclear Romania- WiN Ro. The symposium is organized under the auspices of the European Nuclear Society.

SIEN 2017 is intended as a forum of discussions between experts, professionals and representatives of the organizations active in the nuclear field. The topics of the symposium are related to challenges and opportunities in maintaining the existing and developing of the new nuclear activities. In addition, a special focus will be on presentations and discussions related to nuclear fuel cycle activities, recent R&D in nuclear, as well as the way nuclear support future societal needs.

Background information on Romanian nuclear sector
Romania has two nuclear reactors at its plant in Cernavoda, which use Canadian CANDU-6 technology. Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant has a total installed capacity of 1,400 MW and an annual average power production of 5.613 GWh meaning 18% of the total national output of Romania. The plant is well-run - one of the most efficient CANDU plants in the world. Cernavoda NPP is run by the utility company Nuclearelectrica, a state-owned company. Nuclearelectrica has two major projects planned for the next few years: the construction of the 3 and 4 units at Cernavoda (project expected to cost around 6.5 billion Euro) and the life plant extension for Cernavoda unit 1 (project expected to cost around 2 billion Euro). In addition, the Romanian Nuclear Agency and for Radioactive Waste is in planning stage for a Low and Intermediary Level Repository for radioactive waste, which has been estimated at 1.5 billion Euro.

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